A Message from the President

Whether you are a long-standing supporter, have recently joined our mission, or are just learning about the rich history of the Minnesota 100 Club, I want to extend my sincere welcome and eternal gratitude.

Over a decade ago I was invited to be a sponsor for the MN100 golf tournament. That led to years of volunteering and fundraising and a growing admiration for the organization. I was invited to join the board of directors and, after a few years, was elected to the executive board. This year, I am honored to be the first woman to be elected president of this 50-year-old organization. I humbly follow in the footsteps of past presidents who have been instrumental in the growth of the Minnesota 100 Club.

Most recently, through the foresight of past President Mike Jennings, and several years of hard work by the Minnesota 100 board, the MN100 license plate has come to fruition. Now beginning its second year, more and more people have joined in this unique way to support our mission.

Earlier this year our board voted to increase our maximum death benefit to $50,000. Tragically not long after, a horrible event prompted us to deliver the first such check.

Through the marketing campaign for our 2022 Oktoberfest event, we reached over 1.4 million households in our continuing effort to expand awareness of the Minnesota 100.

We decided it was time to not only provide funding to our First Responder families but to recognize their truly heroic acts, and in 2022 the 1st annual First Responder of the Year award was created. We are excited to present four First Responder awards this year, for Paramedic/EMS, 911 Dispatch, Firefighter and Peace Officer. In addition to being recognized through a vote of their peers and receiving an award from the MN100, we are also partnering with the Minnesota Vikings who will recognize each winner at the beginning of four separate home games.

These advances of our mission are wonderful, but the need is ever-growing (in fact, as of writing this letter our volunteer board has presented checks totaling $180,000 to the families of First Responders, and there are still five months left in the year) and fundraising and raising awareness has never been more important.

We are fully aware that, without the support of our members we could not do this work, so on behalf of our board I extend my heartfelt thanks. May I request one favor? Be our voice. Tell a friend, buy our license plate, encourage your employer to become a corporate sponsor, help us remain a strong backstop for all who get up every day and put their health and their lives on the line. More than ever, we need to PROTECT THE PROTECTORS.

Very Truly Yours,
Lalainia (Lanee) Noble

Show Support To Our Fallen Heroes

If you are interested in joining the Minnesota 100 Club and wish to help “Protect the Protectors”, please contact any of the Board of Directors or submit the membership application. This is truly a tremendous organization and worthwhile cause! You can also help by simply donating to the cause by donating today!